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I came across a favourite pair of heels earlier this week. They're matt gold, strappy and from Byfar, who make the most beautiful shoes.   

Seeing these hidden at the back of my wardrobe made me realise how long it's been since I threw on a pair of heels and went out to meet friends for dinner. It seems like such a distant memory...especially as we don't know when it will happen again.   

It led my thoughts to how important what we wear can be - mainly for how it makes us feel. Clothing allows us to express our creativity, it's a way to portray our taste and to bring focus to the physical parts of ourselves that we love.    

I've always seen my label as a way to make beautiful clothing that instills confidence. So I wanted to do something that could perhaps bring this into our lives while we're all in lock down, even in just a small way. 

One day a week, I'll be wearing an outfit that I love, that makes me feel great and one that I would usually wear out of the house. I'll be posting this onto Instagram with the hashtag #WFHcollective. I'd love you to join in too.  

This week I'm wearing our Elegant Blooms Blouse and those gold pretty gold shoes, along with Whistles barrel leg jeans in washed black.   

It can be any day when you need a boost, an excuse to wear something that you miss or just to feel part of something.  

To join in with an outfit of your own, just click here   

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