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It was the night before her story began and she was standing by the edge of the sea - the point where white foam tenderly kisses the feet of those who wander the shore. She marvels at how from a distance the lives of those around her and the happenings beyond the moon can looks so sweet, yet hide such monumental chaos.

She had arrived at this idyllic place only a few days earlier, hoping to escape the chaotic energy around her. She always felt like the best version of herself by the sea – like the purity of the water could gently fold itself into her very being. She was an artist and with art comes vulnerability – opening yourself out and shedding your skin for the world to see. But when she was close to open water, the incessant chatter of her mind became fluid and calm. Where the noise around and within her softened into a beautiful form of nothingness.

As the wind whipped her hair, she lifted her face to the moon and smiled. This life was the only one she knew - creative, simple, carefree. But the sun would rise a few hours from now and everything would begin to change. She felt the healing balm of the ocean slowly washing over her, and she knew that everything would work out the way it was supposed to….

Beyond the Moon explores how inspiration is found within all aspects of life. From the darkest and messiest parts to the pure, sweet days when everything falls into place. A contemporary print of narrow and broad stripes sits alongside delicate florals against a black backdrop, representing the two sides to every story. Cornflower blue and rich plum offset the labels signature monochrome and pink hues, while wintery textures of wool, cord and mohair are layered with the collections luxurious silks. Two beautiful materials have been developed for the season including a pink fabric with an elegant frayed effect and a French cotton with pretty, embroidered blooms.