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It’s raining. Not the incessant drizzle that hangs thickly in the air, but a fresh, heavenly downpour that the townsfolk have longed for. Fat drops cutting through the dense humidity of yet another sweltering day.

They say in the deepest parts of the south, the heat can make a sane man go crazy. Up until this sweet rain touched my face, I could have sworn they may be right. But it’s beautiful here too - an organic beauty that occurs quietly and slowly. Towering old oaks stand proudly next to rambling houses with wrap around porches, while the smell of sweet southern cooking infuses the air.

And everywhere you look there are gardens of wildflowers in earthy colours and succulents of the brightest green. They spill onto the blistering sulphur and sit in flower boxes between brightly painted shutters. These lush gardens provide respite from the heat and a haven to enjoy the slow life......

Blues before Sunrise, named after the Leeroy Carr song, sees KELLY LOVE explore the historical towns of South Carolina in the Deep South of America. Prints of wildflowers, thistles and succulents on a background of contemporary checks wash over silk blouses and dresses. These feminine prints sit alongside heavy leathers, Italian Alpaca and structured tailoring creating a perfect contrast of textures. And For the first time, the label introduces knitwear in the form of hand knitted roll neck sweater and chunky cardigans in hues of nude pink, olive green, French navy, smoky grey and buttermilk.