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Our Philosophy

Ethical Practices 
Working with our manufactures in an ethical way has always been integral to our business. We work predominately with a family run workshop in Shenzhen, China who adhere to regular certified ISO 9001 audits. These audits ensure a high standard of practices are in place, which include paying employees fair rates (above the national average), a high level of training across the business along with an overall safe and comfortable working environment.  
Environmental Impact
We believe in slow fashion and the majority of our products are made to order which minimises waste and in turn helps reduce the amount of clothing that ends up as landfill. We have also perfected our fitting process to ensure that excess samples are not produced and disposed of.
Our clothing is designed and made to last beyond the seasons, moving away from the practise of fast fashion, which has huge environmental implications. Through considered design, our pieces are made to tie in with what you already own in order to generate a more sustainable future.
We only use natural dyes which use less water than the chemical dying process and ensures no chemicals are used, which can harm both the environment and our skin. 
We use recyclable packaging to send your pieces to you. Our packaging and cards are made from paper pulp that’s sourced from responsibly managed forests, is biodegradable and compostable. The ribbon that we use for our packages is a beautiful petersham grosgrain that can be used again. 
Fabrics & Sustainability
 We collaborate with sustainable mills in the UK and Europe to source fabrics that not only limit the impact on the environment but are also lovely to wear.
We aim to only use natural fabrics including silks, cotton, viscose, linen and wool. Many of our fabrics are produced with mills who hold the EU Ecolabel ensuring the limited use of chemical substances and a reduction in water and air pollution.  
Made to Order
We believe that all beautiful things take time and as a brand we have made a commitment to help reduce the amount of wastage within the fashion industry. The majority of our products are made-to-order and your styles will arrive with you around three weeks after ordering.
Social Responsibility
Every year we will donate 2.5% of our sales to an organisation supporting women suffering from domestic abuse, mental health, addiction, trafficking, lack of access to menstrual products and education. Please see our home page to find out more about the current organisation we are working with.  
 Our aim is for everyone who visits our online store and social media feeds to not feel excluded in anyway. We don’t cater to a specific age or race and we can make products to any size. If you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you at