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I remember it like it was yesterday. We were young, impressionable, free - the world was ours for the taking and we could have been anyone. She painted her life the way an artist works with colour – hazy and soft but full of bursts of energy and so much soul. She had a sweet face, a wild laugh and a crazy mind. I could have spent every waking minute with her.

We loved to get dressed up and go dancing. You should have seen her dance! She’d steal my heart all over again as I watched her face while she swayed to the music. She was lost in the rhythm and I became a fool for her each and every time.

And on those nights, she would transform herself. She’d dress and run down the stairs as if meeting me for the very first time. There were dresses printed with watercolour blooms - one colour bleeding perfectly into the next. Or gently draped trousers and silk vests held up by delicate straps that would fall suggestively off her slender shoulders. And at the end of the night, she would wrap herself in pale tan suede as we walked the few blocks to the home we had built together. My favourite time of the night, those final moments when the music had dulled, the streets were quiet and we were alone.

Oh, yes – I remember it like it was yesterday. We had a love that could brave the storm….

The Last Dance is for the dreamers, the dancers and the lovers…those who run at life with full force and dance until the early hours. If only in their minds……