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It was dusk when she told me. That perfect moment before day becomes night, when the pink hazy sky envelopes the whole world in a shimmery form of magic. She was playing my favourite song, her fingers delicately strumming the chords as if this could eventually soften the blow.

It had been the perfect day. We ate brunch at a sweet café where dried roses hung from the ceiling. Every now and then, fragrant petals would drop in our laps as we sipped tea from mismatched porcelain cups. Dreams were whispered and plans were made…but we both knew these would never come to fruition.

We took a walk down by the lake stopping to spread ourselves out in a field of wheatgrass. The long stems concealing our bodies from the passers-by. But it was here that something changed. When she languidly lifted a hand to shield her eyes from the sun, she smiled at me and I knew. That soft, muffled sound of doubt can be heard in even the loudest form of silence.

But there was a kindness within her heart and she played on anyway. Songs of sorrow and delight fell from her lips as night started to fall in that field. Those notes from her guitar drifted into the night and it was the last perfect day that we shared…..

The Boheme Days embraces the soft texture and colours of nature. Deep, rich green the colour of newly cut grass blends prettily against two shades of the labels signature blush hue. The first is the colour of pearly flecked sand, drenched in golden sunlight on a warm summers evening. This pale nude shade is offset by a darker peppery pink of sunset skies to form the perfect tonal palette. Prints have been stripped back to the bare minimum and textures are at the forefront of the collection, with premium fabrics designed and hand woven in Italy.