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Every story has a beginning. That first moment when past lives begin to gently unfold and become intertwined over days, months, years. Before the present softens into memories and the future becomes the now. There is always that beginning – the start of something new. Of something fresh and full of possibility. And this is ours….

Those first days of summer when everything felt eternal. A watercolour palette of springs finale that brought softness to the world and sunlight to our skin. The taste of youth and lemonade on our lips as we walked through gardens of delicate blooms and golden light. We read verses of poetry to one another and climbed trees in your back garden. The roughness of bark under our hands replaced with gentle fingers and the touch of hope.

You asked me to stay. It was a time when parting was unfathomable. When not seeing your face for hours on end would be too much to bear. So I never left and you never asked me to leave. We made grand plans and wished our days away, waiting for the next sweet adventure.

It’s a simple story. A lasting story. A love story. Our story.

The Story of Us embraces the start of something new that becomes the inevitable. Something that you never knew you needed until it was there - until it became the part of your life that you couldn’t live without. Three exclusively designed prints compliment one another yet represent the ever-changing ebb and flow of love. A patchwork print of wilting and growing blooms, a contrasting floral and spot print and a more minimal black print of sweet flowers. These prints sit alongside the labels signature heavy silk satin pieces with a new palette of black, white, soft mauve and rich copper. Embroidered washed cotton sourced in France and a black and white flocked fabric complete this seasons romantic collection.