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Quiet Life Blouse

Many moons ago, I designed the most beautiful fabric with a small mill in Italy. I envisioned a classic black and white stripe but with a difference. Small details that would make it feel unique.  

The fabric base is 100% cotton and coloured with natural dyes to be a deep black, while the linear embroidery varies in structure and gives the material an almost one-of-a-kind feel. I knew the garments that we would eventually craft would all differ slightly, which I loved.  

The collection that I was designing at the time of working on this fabric went in a slightly different direction, and in the end, this gorgeous fabric didn't quite tie in. Fast forward some time and I had this beautiful roll available to make something very special. 

Which led me to design the Quiet Life Blouse.....

A very generously cut blouse that feels like freedom. A blouse that you wear travelling, creating, painting, to vibrant festivals or quietly reading - comfort tied in with that feeling that you're wearing something truly special. A blouse to wear out to dinner or drape over a swimsuit after swimming in the sea.  

The full, billowing sleeves and neck tie give a feminine aesthetic, while the fabric in contrast feels classic and crisp. It will also soften and drape as it ages, making it a piece that will last for years to come.

I hope you love the Quiet Life Blouse as much as I do.  

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