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Home Sweet Home (The Beginning)

I've often spoken about how important freedom is to me within the way that I run my businesses. This way of working allows me to go about other aspects of my life without restrictions, which in turn creates a balance that I am so thankful for. 

Over the last few months this wonderfully flexible way of working has really come into it's own, while my love and I embark on an incredibly exciting creative and personal project. 

After a year and a half of searching for a run down, Victorian house in London, we found exactly what we were hoping for. The sale of this house combined with searching for tenants for our beloved flat and getting both places ready for the move meant that I worked much less than I usually do. At times this felt like something I shouldn't be doing - when you run your own business, you want to grasp every opportunity. Until I remember that this is the fluidity that I have been working towards for years ~ the ability to work around life rather than live around work. 

This way of working will of course continue to be such a blessing while we spend time restoring this beautiful old property. Which brings me to the house itself. When I first stepped foot inside, I was quite sure it was the one. Built in 1902, the previous owner had lived here since 1950.

Almost every wall was yellow or had vintage (not the good kind) wallpaper, the carpets were red and green, the original sash windows had been replaced with metal and there was an inordinate amount of furniture and belongings in every nook and cranny (as one would expect from an accumulation of 71 years).

But the ceilings were beautifully high, the rooms were light filled and airy, the hallways long and elegant and the house was filled with original fireplaces and character. The garden was also full and wild, which wasn't something we were originally searching for, but it's quickly become one of our favourite parts of the house.  

Our offer was made and accepted in February on an unusually snow filled morning, we collected the keys in May and moved in during a June heatwave.

The red and green carpet has since been removed, we painted our bedroom with leftover paint from our previous renovation and we've already spent many a summer night in the garden. 

As the months go by, we're getting to know her old bones and quirks, which has helped us plan the new layout and overall design. New blooms have appeared in every corner of the garden as the seasons change, and I can already feel how many happy memories will be made here. 

We're so looking forward to transforming this beautiful house back to her former glory, and slowly creating a home.... 

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