It’s the gentle heart of a love story never told. One that should have become a life-long narrative but for whatever reason, it never began. A skipped class, a lost note, a missed train, a forgotten phone call. It’s a memory that you can’t quite make out in your mind and leaves you wondering if it’s nostalgia for something, a snippet of your life or just an event that you created in your imagination.

The flow and ebb of life passes you by. You watch it, try to catch it and slow it down but you’ll never quite grasp what could have been. Is there anything that you’re missing? Or that perhaps you lost long ago? Or is everything unravelling just as it should?

AW17 Poetry of Life embraces the organic beauty of each day slowly unfolding. Those unexpected moments that can’t be explained but become fundamental in the paths that our lives take. This theory is reflected in gentle ruffles and pleats that open to reveal a slender shoulder or a delicate wrist. A palette of nude pink,blood red and rich burgundy – tones traditionally not worn together, melt into each other with ease. These colours are offset with the label’s signature monochrome pieces while prints of wild flowers sit prettily within the range. Sumptuous Italian fabrics add a textural contrast to the smooth heavy silks and beautiful lambswool handknits are given an update with oversized cables and delicate twists.