The beginning of a winters day - dark and shadowy in this bustling part of the world. There’s a chill in the air and that early morning stillness that nothing can beat - the kind that helps you to gather your thoughts before the day takes hold. The rain is still falling softly but will clear as the sun rises, then light will break through and dance across the walls as the city awakes.

There’s a balance of ritual and magic uncertainty to these days – a tangle of legs running too fast along the streets, a mind too quick to keep up with itself and a heart that nudges at the legs and head to take a minute, to ponder, to smell the roses, to notice the details…..And she listens; she slows down, she surrenders.

Because it’s often the slowest moments in the day that are the most memorable; the most enjoyable. Gathering flowers that make up a bouquet from a tiny florist, sipping sweet, milky tea in an inviting corner of a warm café, picking up fresh fruit and cheese from the local markets, walking along the river, meeting loved ones for delicacies in a place you all adore.

AW16 embraces the art of shedding the chaos, until you are left with only the pieces of life you treasure. It’s simple, clean, subtle. Its contrasting textures of lambswool knits individually stitched by hand, combined with lustrous silks that have a feeling of being both beautifully fine yet heavy in weight. It’s prints that have been stripped back to focus on organic feminine palettes and flowers pretty in their simplicity. And it’s the tender but persistent pull of winter that compels us to embrace heavy wools and sumptuous sheepskins. It’s a gentle collection, a collection that lulls us into an enchanting, slow winter beautifully and quietly.